Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's still a celebration!

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Happy birthday AIB 2:


There was a big hullabaloo about a website (porn?), that was surprisingly not porn (damn). This website was WikiLeaks. Namely, the United States diplomatic cables leak.

For those of you who don't know what WikiLeaks is, I will do my best to give a very brief overview (if you search around in that link up in the last paragraph Wikipedia can tell you more than I can). Founded by many people WIkiLeaks is a website chock full o' (previously) classified documents. When it first launched, it was like all other Wiki websites, in that anyone could update any page. Wiki websites are like easy drunk chicks, anyone can get in there and mess around. This is no longer the case, now it is just the documents. The director and face of the Leaks of Wiki is Julian Assange (more on him later). The documents WikiLeaked on this site have a history of putting America in a bad light. In general, all sorts of stuff that was classified. So, that's WikiLeaks (I really should not be the one to tell you what WIkiLeaks is).

Anyway, back to why America was in a tizzy. WL started leaking the United States diplomatic cables, and that's when shit got real. In these cables were among other topics were: criticism of foreign leaders (allies and enemies), US companies' wrong doings over seas, government contractor auctioning off under age boys into sex slavery in Afghanistan, and really the list is depressing. The anti Leaks people, basically, called WikiLeaks terrorist, and that are trying to destroy America.

Julian Assange is a hero. That is my take on the Leaks. In America, we have freedom of the press. This is how we can have checks and balances on our government. Everyone knows this (one would think), but the critics seem to have forgotten that fact. If you changed the name of the leaked documents to the "North Korean diplomatic cables" then Mr. Assange would be raised on our collective shoulders. To get upset because now your country is getting shat upon (by the truth), is hypocritical. Notice that there are no people upset because these leaks are false.

You may have heard that Julian Assage raped some chicks. Two women are claiming that he raped them. The first, went on a date with Assange, at the end of the night they bumped uglies. The bumping of the aforementioned uglies was consensual, but the condom broke. She claims it was forced, but the rape charges were thrown out. OK, so how about the second lady? She went on a date with Julian, and afterward they mashed private parts (that's science talk for bumping uglies). She claims that he had unprotected sex with her while she was sleeping, the next morning. The rape charge for this was also thrown out. So now they are hoping for molestation. That didn't sound right. Now they are hoping to find JA guilty of molestation. So time will tell if he will be convicted of these claims. If he is a rapist, then he is a horrible person for that. But, that does not change his great work with WIkiLeaks.

Most of information about me on WikiLeaks is true,

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