Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The most depressing song ever

Dear Reader,

To keep this blog's long tradition of posting variations of the song "We Are the World" I present you this:

EMBED-We Are Lebron Video - Watch more free videos

You should probably watch that again. I'll wait.

Cleveland is, hands down, the most miserable place in America. Only two good things (LeBreazy excluded) have ever come out of The Mistake by the Lake:

1. Drew Carey
2. Jokes about Cleveland

Despite his lackluster performance as the host of the Price is Right, Mr. Carey is a solid comedian/actor. The Drew Carey show was AMAZING! Aside form LeBron, Drew is easily the biggest thing to ever come out of the land of Cleve. It's weird that he isn't int he song, I guess they didn't want a big name. They gave it the old Cleveland Try. This will be a new phrase to refer to someone not giving it all they can, and just failing terribly. See also: The city of Cleveland.

When LeBron leaves you will get to hear the collective suicide of an entire city. It will be a pretty epic event. He is literally the only thing holding the place together. To give an example, let's take a look at Braylon Edwards. He used to be a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. He got in a fight with a friend of LeBron James, and roughly the next day he was traded to the Jets.

I love the "celebrities" they have in the video as well. Otto Orf, Cleveland Soccer Legend, does such a title actually exist?! Tim Misny, Intimidating TV Lawyer, that is awesome!

I really hope LeBrogame leaves Cleveland, I think it will be interesting to see what he can do with a real team. I also hope he doesn't go to the Knicks. I hate the Knicks, fuck them. They can be summed up by Erika Lauren, WMMS Personality/ MTV's Real World contestant, "New York is overcrowded, Those people are unbearable, And don't forget, the Knicks and Nets are terrible." Mostly true, Lauren. The Nets play in the greatest state of all, New Jersey, not New York. Otherwise dead on.

I hope the attempts to get LeBron to stay get more sad and desperate, because looking at Cleveland just makes you feel better about yourself.

Glad to not be there,


  1. i'm ok with him coming to the knicks... imagine the celebrities they could get for a song with him in New York. You should want him to come here if only for that. great post once again

  2. i would imagine that song will drive him away.