Monday, February 15, 2010

Poor Haiti

Dear Reader,

Have you seen the new version of We Are The World? It looks something like this:

Now I think I speak for the world at large when I say that this is song is the worst thing to ever happen to Haiti. Remember back in the day when We Are The World was a great song? I do. It is one of the best songs to sing for karaoke. Nothing angers a crowd like seven minutes of a chorus, sung by someone who couldn't carry a tune even if it was in a paper bag (me).

But I digress. We Are The World was a great song, sung by legendary singers. Now we have this shit. With Fergie, Akon, and Lil Wayne. Really?! (While we're on the subject, remember when Juvenile was more relevant than Lil Wayne?) And what the hell was with the rap break down? And why is Kanye in there? He is a douche!

Please donate whatever you can to the many Haiti relief funds out there. What ever you can give will help to reverse the damage this song has done. Buildings can be rebuilt, but this song will be around forever.

Over and Out,


  1. This song is so unfathomably awful. That sound we're hearing is the people of Haiti screaming themselves to death to try and block out this atrocity.

  2. Let's look at the positives. Actor Vince Vaughn was there too. Wait, what the crap was Vince Vaughn doing there?

  3. ha ha who saw it coming that I would be the first person to show up on the screen...shit I wasn't even alive when the last We Are The World Came Out!

    But I know that in 20 years when people look back at this video, they will remember me and who I am, and luckily I won't befall any of the other pitfalls that have hit today's trendy popsters, such as serious crack addiction, serial marriages, or multiple babies.

    love xxoo

  4. is that the Judge from classic tv sitcom Night Court I see in the YouTube preview image??

    pink shirt, second row.