Thursday, March 4, 2010

Avatar is an overrated piece of crap

Dear Reader,

As you can see by the title of this post, I think Avatar is wonderful! Well unless you are looking for a good movie. If the quality of a film was based entirely on graphics and special effects, then yes, Avatar is one of the greatest movies ever made. It is visually stunning. However all praise ends there.

It took James Cameron ten years to make this movie. Let's read that again, together this time. It took James Cameron ten years to make this movie. TEN YEARS! That is an entire decade to develop characters, write a story, and work your effects magic. Have you seen Disney's Pocahontas and/or Dances with Wolves? The you've seen Avatar. In ten fucking years one would think you could come up with a movie that wasn't a complete rip off of AT LEAST two other movies. I really wouldn't care that this movie is completely unoriginal, if it wasn't nominated for a best picture awards and it didn't take 120 months to make. I am looking at Wikipedia right now and it says that James wrote an 80 page scriptment for Avatar in 1994. So it actually took him fifteen years to take this massive shit. What an asshole!

His excuse is that he spent so much time creating the planet of Pandora and its rich history, its new language, and all the pretty graphics. I could see where the actual plot could get int he way of all of the superficial nonsense.

In case you haven't seen the movie let me just say this. The people like creatures in the movie have four appendages. The animal like creatures have six appendages. This may seem like its not a big deal, but it is a huge deal. It defies all rules of evolution and natural selection. First of all, evolution is real, anyone who says otherwise should just sit down and be quiet forever. All higher forms of animal life on Earth evolved from a four legged animal, that is why mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds all have four appendages. It doesn't make any sense that these rules would be different on James Cameron's douche bag planet. The blue folks there should have an extra set of arms or legs. This fact bothered me after seeing the first six legged thing. Then it was a nagging annoyance for the rest of the three hour film.

This fucking thing better not win an Oscar for best picture. Go see District 9 it was a far more superior alien movie. If you haven't seen Avatar by the time its out of the theatres don't even bother. It will suck out loud on your two dimensional smaller than an IMAX TV.

See you at the movies,


  1. James Cameron hasn't made a good movie since terminator 2. Now that shit was AWESOME.

  2. it didn't win... you can now go on with your happy life.